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About Barnabas in Schools

Barnabas in Schools is part of BRF, a Christian charity. Barnabas in Schools is a professional service provider to primary schools and works throughout England and Wales, offering quality creative arts-based Barnabas RE Days for pupils and specialist INSET sessions for teachers. Our overall aim is to enable schools to explore Christianity creatively. We do this by resourcing the teaching of Christianity and the Bible within RE and Collective Worship. The work of our Barnabas in Schools team supports SEAL aims and objectives and the provision of RE, PSE and SMSC in primary schools. Barnabas in Schools is resourced, supported and enabled by BRF.

As a member of the Religious Education Council of England and Wales, we support and adhere strictly to its 8 principles for teachers of Religious Education.

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Barnabas in Schools... exploring Christianity creatively

The work of the Barnabas in Schools' team includes:

Barnabas RE Days

A full day's programme to explore Christianity creatively with primary-aged children through storytelling, drama or music according to the skills of the Barnabas in Schools' Team member. We work with a range of Barnabas RE Day themes, and we also offer a range of other themes for schools in the North-East.

The Barnabas RE Day Approach

We value the spiritual life of children, so we embrace an open-ended and exploratory approach when exploring Christian values and Bible stories through the creative arts. No assumptions are made about prior knowledge or expectations concerning personal belief; instead, children are encouraged to use the imagination to immerse themselves playfully in key faith stories to ask questions, suggest possible answers to dilemmas - and engage with Christian beliefs in a non-confrontational and frequently light-hearted way that supports RE, PSE and SMSC provision. Appropriate differentiation is made in style and content to allow for pupil age and ability, and support materials are also provided.

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Barnabas in Schools in the North-East

INSET & professional development

Barnabas in Schools INSET is designed to encourage and equip teachers for teaching Christianity with an RE Syllabus for Foundation, KS1 and KS2. Training sessions include tried-and-tested ideas for collective worship, approaching the Bible creatively in RE lessons, and exploring ways of communication and understanding the Christian story through drama, music, storytelling and art.

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Books and Resources

Tried-and-tested resources for assembly, RE, festivals, drama, art, craft & games and community cohesion.

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Online resources and ideas

Browse a wealth of ready-to-use ideas for assembly, classroom reflection, RE, values & cross-curricular work.

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How our work is funded

All that we do is made possible through the generosity of the individuals, churches and charitable trusts that support our work.

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