Art and Spirituality INSET session

Art and Spirituality is a Barnabas INSET theme from Barnabas in Schools.

Christianity has inspired some the world's most famous pieces of art in a variety of media. Using paintings, icons and drawings from this country and across the world, which connect with Bible stories, the session will look at ways in which these visual representations can enable children to explore issues of spirituality, with the use of wondering questions, imaginative discussion and a creative response. The session will also look at how art can more generally help schools to resource spiritual development across the curriculum.

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Aims of the session

  • To explore the term 'spirituality' (and in particular the spirituality of children).
  • To unpack what 'spirituality across the curriculum' might mean.
  • To introduce a range of paintings, artwork and artefacts, many of which connect with Bible stories.
  • To consider how visual representations can enable children to explore spirituality issues with the use of open-ended questions, imaginative discussion and creative responses.
  • To introduce the style of reflective storytelling with its use of three-dimensional materials to present key Bible stories. This method allows for an exploration of the Christian faith through wondering questions and a non-directive approach to the stories.