Barnabas INSET themes

We offer a number of INSET themes, and normally launch a new theme each year - sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date.

It's possible to combine elements frmo more than one of the following themes - you can discuss this with our Barnabas Schools Administrator and the individual Barnabas in Schools' team member who will be leading the INSET.

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Christianity around the World/Where in the World? INSET session

Christianity around the World and Where in the World? both explore the worldwide dimension of the Christian faith and, more specifically, how Christian belief and practice are expressed in a variety of cultures and contexts globally.

Christianity around the World/Where in the World?

Creating Character INSET session

Developing practical strategies for evaluating and developing values in school life.

Creating Character

Drama, Storytelling and the Bible INSET session

The Bible is a rich source of stories, which not only entertain but are also an ideal teaching medium.

How can we help children to reflect on them, own them and learn from them?

Drama, Storytelling and the Bible

Exploring Collective Worship and Reflection INSET session

Collective Worship in the primary school should be an occasion to look forward to. This session will offer suggestions for putting across your story or thought in a way that will hold the children's attention.

Collective Worship and Reflection

Art and Spirituality INSET session

Christianity has inspired some the world's most famous pieces of art in a variety of media. Using paintings, icons and drawings from this country and across the world, which connect with Bible stories, the session will look at ways in which these visual representations can enable children to explore issues of spirituality

Art and Spirituality

What Price Peace? INSET session

The centenary of the First World War provides a great opportunity for schools to extend their spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision for pupils as they mark the anniversary of the conflict from 2014 to 2018, but how can we do this creatively?

What Price Peace?

What's So Special about the Bible?

This session aims to increase teachers' confidence in understanding and working with the Christian’s special book and to unpack the range and variety of types of literature there are in the books of the Bible.

What's So Special about the Bible?

What's Money Worth? INSET session

Financial Education is important for all children, but answers to questions like these will depend on our (often unspoken) personal values. Numeracy lessons teach calculation, number-crunching and problem-solving, but where can we also provide that all-important space on the timetable to weigh up the morality of spending, saving or giving?

What's Money Worth?

Why Narnia? INSET session

The Chronicles of Narnia stories of C.S. Lewis continue to delight generations of children and adults, whether enjoyed in their original print version or dramatised in plays, cartoons and films. Many schools use the series as part of their Literacy study programme for KS2, or provide them as independent pupil readers.

Why Narnia?

Who Comes First? INSET session

The Olympic Games offer schools an opportunity both to celebrate the international dimension of sport and to explore sporting values and their relationship to personal and community development.

Who Comes First?