Frequently asked questions about Barnabas RE Days

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How many Barnabas Schools' Team members will come?

One member of the Barnabas in Schools' team will facilitate your Barnabas RE Day.

How will I know which creative arts specialism I will be getting?

If you have a particular preference for the artistic discipline for the workshops - such as storytelling, dance, drama or music - then please discuss this with the Barnabas Schools Administrator when making an enquiry. Every effort will be made to match the Barnabas in Schools' team member's professional skills with your booking request. This will however always be subject to availability.

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How much does a Barnabas RE Day cost?

A full-day visit costs just £295.

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Is there a travel cost?

There is no additional charge for travel over and above the basic standard cost for the Barnabas RE Day.

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Can we have half a day?

We do very occasionally offer half-days. However, we would advise you to consider whether you could team up with another local school and share a day between the two schools. Please contact us if you would like further advice.

What sort of equipment or resources will I need to provide?

In most cases, each Barnabas in Schools' team member will bring with her or him any resources that will be used with the children during the workshops, such as simple props for drama or visual aids for storytelling.

If there are any specific requests - such as a screen or whiteboard to display a picture, or some art and craft materials for a class response to a particular activity or story - then this will be discussed beforehand.

The most important 'resource' for a Barnabas RE Day is a large area such as the school hall or a spacious classroom in which to conduct the workshops.

How can I best prepare my school for your visit?

Make sure you have completed all of the steps in the booking process - see the how to book page.

Approximately two weeks in advance of the day, the Barnabas in Schools' team member will telephone or email the organising teacher. This is the moment to talk through the day in detail and ask any questions about the content of the workshops and the assembly, to discuss the themes and to outline any other particular features or specific requests related to your school.

It is important to make sure that all the staff are fully aware of the nature and purpose of the day - you may wish to refer staff to this website to find out more.

In addition, there is support material for each Barnabas RE Day theme which can be used both in advance of and after the day takes place. This can be passed on to teachers to give ideas as to how the content of the workshops and assemblies might be developed within the classroom.

Are there any supporting materials from Barnabas that I can use?

Yes - there is support material for each Barnabas RE Day theme which can be used both in advance of and after the day takes place.

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Are there further resources from Barnabas which I could use to support the teaching of RE at my school?

The resources available on this website include:

Free to use downloadable ideas for Assembly, Classroom reflection, Values, RE & Cross-curricular work

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Barnabas in Schools publishes a range of books and resources to support RE and collective written by experienced teachers. Each book aims to explore Christianity creatively and introduce ways to bring the stories of the Bible to life for learners.

You will usually find sample pages on this website so you can 'try before you buy'.

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