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Barnabas RE Days

Barnabas RE Days can offer a full day’s programme to your school to explore Christianity creatively with primary-aged children through storytelling, drama or music, according to the skills of the Barnabas in Schools' team member.

The Barnabas RE Day Approach

We value the spiritual life of children, so we embrace an open-ended and exploratory approach when exploring Christian values and Bible stories through the creative arts. No assumptions are made about prior knowledge or expectations concerning personal belief; instead, children are encouraged to use the imagination to immerse themselves playfully in key faith stories to ask questions, suggest possible answers to dilemmas - and engage with Christian beliefs in a non-confrontational and frequently light-hearted way that supports RE, PSE and SMSC provision. Appropriate differentiation is made in style and content to allow for pupil age and ability, and support materials are also provided.

Comments from recent Barnabas RE Days:

Chris always does a fantastic job - the children are keen, engaged and enthusiastic during sessions. Thank you!
Kirk Merrington Primary School, County Durham
We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. We felt the children gained a lot from this experience and staff felt inspired too. Jane also gave us information about publications which linked to the Bible story sets.
Ibstone CE Infant School, Buckinghamshire

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The sessions use different creative arts, according to the strengths of the Barnabas in Schools' team member undertaking your booking, and include storytelling, music, mime or drama. The material is based on Bible stories, contemporary life illustrations and shared experience.

A half-day's programme is available for small schools - find out more.

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