Christianity around the World and Where in the World? support material

Below you will find a range of support material linked to the Christianity around the World and  Where in the World? Barnabas RE Day themes.

    Churches from around the world

    Photos of churches and Christian worship from around the world for display in the classroom or as group discussion starters with the children.

    Where in the World? churches and worship

    Crosses from around the world

    Images of the crosses from the A-Cross the World resource book can be downloaded from Flickr, either individually or as a full set. We also have ideas that provide background information, Bible links and craft ideas for more crosses from around the world.

    Images from the book  Ideas on the cross

    Festivals from around the world

    Videos on BRF's YouTube channel of Chris Hudson speaking with Martyn Payne, author of Where in the World?, about his collection of nativity sets from Vietnam, Russia and South America.



    An idea for using these videos as a lesson resource, exploring the significance of the story for Christians around the world.

    How to use these videos

    Music from around the world

    Further world church songs - the Worship Workshop website has a range of world church songs:

    Ideas to use in RE

    The following ideas explore aspects of Christianity from around the world:

    • God is so good - explores a simple song of worship from around the world
    • Janani Lawum from Uganda - the story of Archbishop Janani Lawum whose Christian faith led him to act courageously and take risks on behalf of others who were suffering
    • Passion flowers - using the symbolism of a flower to recount and revise key features of the Easter story
    • The Easter shout - explores versions of the Easter acclamation from around the world

    Books/downloadable resources

    Take a look at: