Drama, Storytelling and the Bible INSET session

Drama, Storytelling and the Bible is a Barnabas INSET theme from Barnabas in Schools.

The Bible is a rich source of stories, which not only entertain but are also an ideal teaching medium.

How can we tell these stories effectively to a media-conditioned generation? How can we help children to reflect on them, own them and learn from them?

This session will introduce you to an exciting range of interactive ways to tell a story, to lift it from the page of a book and to bring it to life.

How to book FAQs

Aims of the session

  • to promote 'excellence and enjoyment' in RE
  • to increase teachers' confidence and understanding of telling Bible stories in RE
  • to introduce a variety of techniques to explore Bible stories in RE lessons
  • to explore ways in which the stories might support and inspire other aspects of the curriculum

Working with a story

  • How will you introduce the story
  • How will you tell the story?
  • How will you follow up the story?