Frequently asked questions about INSET

How much does it cost?

For each session (up to 2 hours) the cost is £150 plus travel.

We ask for a deposit of 10% of the booking cost to accompany the booking form.

INSET costs

Is there a maximum number?

The recommended maximum number that can attend a Barnabas INSET session is 30.

Will there be an opportunity to talk with the Barnabas team member before he/she comes?

Yes - the Barnabas Schools' Team member will contact you approximately two weeks before the date of the INSET to discuss the details of the training event.

What facilities might the school need to provide?

We will discuss the necessary facilities before the visit, but generally the Barnabas Schools' Team member will bring along any particular equipment or resources that are needed for the session.

However the availability of a white board or flip chart is often useful.

Sessions can take place in a classroom, in the staff room or in part of the hall, as long as there is enough space for some interactive learning and group work to take place.

Can you lead a session for a group of schools in an area?

We appreciate that many schools work in clusters, particularly in rural areas, and that it makes good sense to bring teachers together for a combined INSET session. We're happy to work this way so that it can support and resource as many teachers as possible in the creative delivery of Christianity within RE.


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