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You will find on these pages a wealth of ideas to help you explore Christianity creatively. To find the right ideas you can either use the search box above or add keyword filters using the menu on the left.

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Passion flowers: remembering the Easter story with an amazing plant

Using the symbolism of a flower to recount and revise key features of the Easter story.

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Trouble at the theatre

A very noisy story about resilience, based on Acts 19:23–41.

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Frank Foley - a different kind of spy

An idea for collective worship, exploring the value of resilience through the life of Frank Foley.

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Salt: the symbolism of an everyday chemical

A science-based idea for collective worship, exploring the symbolism of an everyday chemical.

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Nativity sets from around the world

What can nativity sets from around the world tell us about the Christmas story?

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What happened in the original nativity story?

Exploring the original Bible stories of the nativity, as found in the Christian Gospels.

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Who should I trust? Jesus and the Roman centurion's servant

An interactive no-rehearsal Collective Worship idea about compassion, humility and trust.

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Breaking bad rules, but showing respect: Jesus at a Greek temple of healing

An idea for Collective Worship, using the story of Jesus' healing of a blind man to explore how we can be respectful of others we disagree with.

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Thinking it through, working it out

A cross-curricular activity idea that uses a classic Bible story about forgiveness to generate questions and discussion.

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Scallop shells and pilgrimage

A collective worship idea for the end of the school year that uses pilgrimage imagery to reflect positively on the past year.

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