In the North-East of England

A Barnabas RE Day is a full day's visit to a school by a member of our Barnabas in Schools' team, providing primary-age pupils and staff with a creative, engaging and inspirational introduction to Christian values on a range of themes, supporting both RE and SEAL aims and objectives.

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The day normally involves four pupil workshops and a whole-school assembly, and costs £295.

However, thanks to the generosity of some local funders, we are able to offer these days for just £250 each.

All sessions are led by Chris Hudson, an experienced teacher and trainer who has authored 20 books for schools, contributes to a variety of publications and websites, and serves on Northumberland and North Tyneside SACRE.

Barnabas RE Day themes in the North-East

In addition to our main Barnabas RE Day themes, we offer a number of additional themes in the North-East of England. You may also find that support material is not available for these themes.

  • Building My Community
  • Northern Saints and the Lindisfarne Gospels
  • Why is the Bible Special for Christians?
  • Why is Jesus Special for Christians?
Building My Community

Building My Community

This popular workshop explores issues involved in caring for others, the nature of compassion, and the building blocks that form creative communities. It also discusses moral choices, the responsibility of care towards others, prejudice and inclusion. An additional extension workshop, 'Building my community', develops the theme further for schools who have already experienced the original.

Northern Saints

Northern Saints and the Lindisfarne Gospels

How did 'England' emerge from vicious tribal conflicts and dynastic wars to become one of the 'blended' nations that make up the UK? This popular workshop explores the stories and spirituality of significant faith leaders (Oswald, Aidan, Hilda, Cuthbert, among many others) who shaped early Christianity in the seventh century, forging a new future for Northern England. Free schemes of work and lesson ideas about selected saints and the Lindisfarne Gospels can be found on the Barnabas in Schools website.

Why is Jesus special for Christians?

Why is Jesus special for Christians?

Storyteller, teacher, leader... and, for some, a threat? Two thousand years after the events recorded in the Gospels, Jesus of Nazareth continues to fascinate the world. Christianity remains the world’s largest faith in its geographical spread, ethnic and cultural diversity, but who was he? What made him so different? This workshop can be adjusted to fit the needs of your RE syllabus, exploring key aspects such as the miracles of Jesus, the parables of the kingdom, or his ministry to the excluded.

Why is the Bible special for Christians?

Why is the Bible special for Christians?

Four hundred years ago, the Christian Bible was translated into English, but how is it meant to be understood today? Pupils explore the significance of key Bible stories (including the Gospels) and how they fit into the big Christian story of creation, incarnation and salvation, using drama, storytelling and music. It’s active, enjoyable and educational.