8 Bible-themed Journey Days for Primary Schools resource book

KS1, KS2, Whole schoolRE
A cross-curricular resource for teaching about Christianity

Help teaching staff fulfil the requirements for teaching Christianity within their RE guidelines

  • Fits readily into most Agreed Syllabus programmes
  • Suitable for all primary stages
  • Can be used either as a class project or in vertical groupings through the whole school
  • Flexible use, either run as a full course or just use for specific occasions e.g. Christmas.

Each unit includes:

  • Reflective material for use with the adults in the community (both school and church) as they prepare to lead the journey day and as they review the day.
  • Whole-school introduction to the theme.li>
  • Workshop activities using a range of creative, interactive and reflective materials to explore key Bible stories.
  • Outlines for Collective Worship.
  • Church-based activity days to support the core material.

Support material

PDF containing support material and all-age worship outlines .

Support material