What Price Peace? resource book

A teaching resource for primary schools exploring issues of war and peace

Primary schools don't usually cover the First World War in History, but there are times when we should make an exception. The 1914-18 centenary will be marked nationally in a variety of ways over 2014-18, notably with a football match celebrating the famous one played in No Man's Land on Christmas Day in 1914. Explaining all this to our pupils will require teachers acquainting themselves with an unfamiliar topic, and having to search for positive things to say and do regarding a chain of events usually seen as an international catastrophe. How?

The book What Price Peace? provides teachers with new stories and detailed cross-curricular lesson material on the First World War for the full primary age-range (with additional ideas for collective worship). It vividly re-enacts the popular flag-waving patriotism that marked the beginning of the conflict, the range of responses felt at home and abroad as the grim reality of warfare sank in, and an examination of some key beliefs expressed at the time about God, Christian values and our national life. Due respect is paid to 'the fallen', but questions are also asked about the conflict's long-term consequences.

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A century on, with British armed forces continuing to serve in trouble spots around the world, study of the 'Great War' offers children the opportunity to engage with powerful issues of faith and belief, helping them to think through questions such as: Is fighting always wrong? How can we work out what is true? How should bullying be resisted? Are some people worth more than others? How do we deal with fear, pain and suffering? Can we really love our enemies as Jesus said?

This unique resource will help teachers and pupils to explore 'remembrance' in its fullest sense - drawing together a wide range of memories, thoughts and ideas, enabling the commemoration to play a full part in a school's provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. What Price Peace? provides ten units of classroom material and three assemblies for 5-11s based around the theme of the First World War. Each unit contains background information, an imaginative retelling of a real-life event, and cross-curricular activities related to RE, History, Literacy and PSHE/Citizenship.