Where in the World? resource book

An RE and assembly resource on the worldwide Christian Church.

Where in the World? is a global Christianity resource for primary school RE teachers. It provides lesson outlines, assembly material, a five-week scheme of work, background information and a section on learning objectives and outcomes. Content includes:

  • A journey story focusing on seven churches around the world
  • Background about the Christian faith in each of the countries visited
  • The growth of the worldwide Christian church
  • How Christians worship and major festivals
  • International Christians who have made a difference
  • Guidance on making safe and successful global connections
  • Prayers and songs from around the world
  • A list of world anniversaries for themed days
  • Links to further resources online
  • Web material to print at www.barnabasinschools.org.uk/extra-resources/

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Sample pages

    An overview of the book

    The material in this book has been put together to help schools meet the expectations of locally agreed RE syllabi in relation to teaching Christianity as a worldwide faith. The SIAS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools) guidance document (2005), for example, puts as one of the aims of RE that:

    Pupils should experience the breadth and variety of the Christian community.

    The potential scope of this handbook is vast. People have written volumes about the history of the growth of the Church during the last two millennia and there continue to be new and exciting stories of the contemporary Church from all parts of the globe. There are in addition many different strands of Christianity with huge variations in their approach to worship and liturgy. Theological interpretations still separate some denominations from each other and make shared communion difficult; and radically different interpretations of the Bible can cause heated controversy.

    With so much that could be shared, there is always the danger of falling into superficiality and of presenting unfair stereotypes when opening windows into the worldwide Church. Every possible effort has been made to avoid this while recognising that teachers will at the same time not want to overburden lesson material with too many caveats and footnotes. The book is intended as a broad outline to draw on, which will enhance both the teacher's own knowledge as well as provide a wider canvas of perspective and interest for the topic that children will enjoy exploring.

    There is a unifying and important story to share with children about the essentials of the Christian faith and how those are worked out in the lives of people living on another continent and within a society that is very different from our own. This resource aims to bring this global dimension to teaching about and learning from Christianity.

    Technical information:

    • ISBN: 9780857461551
    • Published: 24 August 2012
    • Format: Paperback
    • Pages: 96