Expressing Faith through the Arts

This unit of work outlines an approach to exploring how people of faith, in particular those of the Christian Faith, express their beliefs through music, art, drama and poetry.

Exploring Narnia and Christianity - a reflective story

Whole schoolRE, Classroom Reflection
The world of Narnia offers a place of intrigue and imagination. There are many ways in which The Chronicles of Narnia stories offer the opportunity to explore aspects of the Christian faith.

One World Week (October)

Whole schoolCollective Worship
Each year the third week in October is celebrated as One World Week. What follows is an outline for a collective worship presentation for One World Week linking this worldwide family of faith to the story of creation and Abraham from the Bible.

Caring for our world

KS2, Whole schoolRECross-curricular links
A creative lesson for juniors to explore environmental issues from the standpoint of faith and belief.

Discipline - keeping on track

The following idea explores the rules for the journey or race of faith using the Christian's special book (The Bible).