The Annunciation is the announcement by the angel Gabriel to the virgin Mary that she would conceive Jesus, and is recorded in the Bible in Luke 1:26 - 38

Episode 1: The Angel Gabriel visits Mary - paperlesschristmas

Whole schoolVideo
The Adventures of Mary and Joseph - The Road Movie tells the Christmas story in nine entertaining and informative episodes. The following lesson outline offers you a way to work through the story in the video The Angel Gabriel visits Mary.

The goldfish bowl: Why did Jesus come?

KS1, KS2, Whole schoolCollective Worship, Classroom Reflection
An activity using storytelling and symbols to explain the key Christian ideas about creation, fall, incarnation and redemption, especially the idea of Jesus as the Saviour of the world.

Percussion Advent

KS1, KS2, Whole schoolRE, Classroom ReflectionCross-curricular links
A three-part percussion workshop using music and poetry to explore Advent - the time when Christians prepare for the coming of Jesus as the 'Light of the World'.

What a world!

Whole schoolCollective Worship
The theme of our world as a precious present is explored in this assembly.

Mary the mother

Whole schoolRE
RE lesson ideas on the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus.