Bible books and stories

Narratives from Christianity's written sacred history.

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Scallop shells and pilgrimage

Foundation, KS1, KS2, Whole schoolCollective Worship, Classroom Reflection
A collective worship idea for the end of the school year that uses pilgrimage imagery to reflect positively on the past year.

Daniel's challenge

KS1, KS2, Whole schoolCollective Worship, Classroom Reflection
A no-rehearsal drama about teamwork, resilience, leadership… and food!

The goldfish bowl: Why did Jesus come?

KS1, KS2, Whole schoolCollective Worship, Classroom Reflection
An activity using storytelling and symbols to explain the key Christian ideas about creation, fall, incarnation and redemption, especially the idea of Jesus as the Saviour of the world.

Act out and explore Psalm 23

Whole schoolRE, Collective Worship, Classroom Reflection
This activity might provide a useful addition to school-based activities relating to World War I, by taking a 'military-style' kinaesthetic approach to learning Psalm 23.

Caring for our world

KS2, Whole schoolRECross-curricular links
A creative lesson for juniors to explore environmental issues from the standpoint of faith and belief.

How the Bible was used in World War I

KS2RECross-curricular links
This activity looks at people's attitudes to the Bible during times of war, with special reference to World War I, and looks at some key Bible verses on the subject of war and peace.

Cross-curricular activities using The Chronicles of Narnia

Whole schoolRECross-curricular links
For decades, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis have offered a world of intrigue and imagination to children and adults alike. They also provide opportunities to explore aspects of the Christian faith across a number of subject areas.