The Bible's key narratives that celebrate how God brought everything into being, recounted in a variety of texts including Genesis, Job and the Psalms.

The goldfish bowl: Why did Jesus come?

KS1, KS2, Whole schoolCollective Worship, Classroom Reflection
An activity using storytelling and symbols to explain the key Christian ideas about creation, fall, incarnation and redemption, especially the idea of Jesus as the Saviour of the world.

Caring for our world

KS2, Whole schoolRECross-curricular links
A creative lesson for juniors to explore environmental issues from the standpoint of faith and belief.

Exploring Narnia and Christianity - a reflective story

Whole schoolRE, Classroom Reflection
The world of Narnia offers a place of intrigue and imagination. There are many ways in which The Chronicles of Narnia stories offer the opportunity to explore aspects of the Christian faith.

The Big Break

Whole schoolCollective Worship
The story of Adam and Eve turning away from God.

Just a drop of water

Whole schoolCollective Worship
Without water there would be no life as we know it. Along with the gift of light in the Genesis story of creation comes the gift of water. This classroom reflection introduces the theme of the difference that just a drop of water can make.