David and Goliath: an interactive activity

Whole schoolRE, Classroom Reflection
This story needs to emphasise how David's life, as he grew older, became full of horrible battles he couldn't escape from - fighting usually makes things worse!

With God on our side? - an interactive activity for Key Stage 2

KS2RE, Classroom Reflection
When people fight, do you think God is on anybody's side? A hundred years ago, in the First World War, the British, the Germans, the Russians - and just about everyone else - thought that God was definitely on their side. But was God on anyone's side?

Are you feeling lucky?

Whole schoolRE, Collective WorshipCross-curricular links
This assembly explores the whole idea of being 'lucky' or 'unlucky', relates it to the experiences and beliefs of the First World War, and discusses how we handle fear of the future.

Does history matter?

Whole schoolRE, Collective WorshipCross-curricular links
History is often about stories, which help us to explain why things happened the way they did - it's how we make sense of things. But we need to be careful when listening to stories.

How the Bible was used in World War I

KS2RECross-curricular links
This activity looks at people's attitudes to the Bible during times of war, with special reference to World War I, and looks at some key Bible verses on the subject of war and peace.