Not trying to fool anyone, including oneself, even when it is inconvenient.

Exploring Values with the Bible - Wisdom

Whole schoolClassroom Reflection
This is a series of thoughts linked to the value of wisdom. Each value can be used as the theme for collective worship, the focus for classroom reflection and the subject matter for main hall or quiet corner displays.

An Ash Cross

KS2RE, Classroom Reflection
An idea by Martyn Payne of the Barnabas Schools' Team exploring cross ideas based on the Ash Cross.

Pancake day

Whole schoolCollective Worship
An assembly for Pancake Day

Lent: story of Jesus' temptations

Whole schoolCollective Worship
Lent is a season of quiet reflection when many Christians around the world start to look forward to the most important festival in the Christian year - Easter, when Jesus’ death and resurrection are remembered.


KS2Collective Worship
One of a series of Core Values assemblies with Bible stories