Spending and saving

Foundation, KS1RE, Classroom ReflectionCross-curricular links
'What's money worth' support material for Foundation and lower Key Stage 1. A 'class shop' and 'class bank' provide classic role-play activities that familiarise young children with the idea of buying and selling, saving and spending.

Putting others first - The Titanic

Collective Worship, Classroom ReflectionCross-curricular links
Are some human lives worth more than others? This assembly uses the story of the Titanic to reflect on how different 'classes' of people were treated. It also reveals the sacrifice of those who surrendered their lives to save others.

Are you feeling lucky?

Whole schoolRE, Collective WorshipCross-curricular links
This assembly explores the whole idea of being 'lucky' or 'unlucky', relates it to the experiences and beliefs of the First World War, and discusses how we handle fear of the future.

Numeracy - a window into God

KS2Collective Worship
Here is an assembly idea for sharing something about what Christians believe about God using everyday objects and imagery familiar to children.