A Christian virtue that is all about 'keeping going' when life is difficult- a practical outworking of Hope.

Frankenstein: why can't I just do what I like?

KS2Collective Worship, Classroom Reflection
An idea for collective worship that uses Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the Bible story of Jesus in the wilderness to explore how we can make better choices.

Churches that feature baptismal fonts

KS1, KS2, Whole schoolCollective Worship, Classroom Reflection
A collective worship script about hope and new life, with an alternative development story about disability and inclusion.

Breaking bad rules with Rosa Parks

The story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955, exploring how bad rules can be broken in a non-violent way, bringing about change in a community.

Lent: Jesus is tempted

Whole schoolCollective Worship
Lent is a season of quiet reflection when many Christians around the world start to look forward to the most important festival in the Christian year - Easter, when Jesus’ death and resurrection are remembered.