In the Old Testament, a collection of sacred poetry and lyrics written by a range of authors, including David King of Israel.

Act out and explore Psalm 23

Whole schoolRE, Collective Worship, Classroom Reflection
This activity might provide a useful addition to school-based activities relating to World War I, by taking a 'military-style' kinaesthetic approach to learning Psalm 23.

Caring for our world

KS2, Whole schoolRECross-curricular links
A creative lesson for juniors to explore environmental issues from the standpoint of faith and belief.

How the Bible was used in World War I

KS2RECross-curricular links
This activity looks at people's attitudes to the Bible during times of war, with special reference to World War I, and looks at some key Bible verses on the subject of war and peace.

Uniqueness - I'm special

Whole schoolCollective Worship
Samuel the Prophet anoints David king and later David writes a poem that celebrates how special he is.

Psalm 139 - so special

Whole schoolCollective Worship
An assembly outline that introduces the theme of our uniqueness, celebrating the fact that it is 'good to be me'. It makes links to Psalm 139.


Whole schoolCollective Worship
One of a series of Core Values assemblies with Bible stories