Using war memorials for cross-curricular studies

KS1, KS2RECross-curricular links
This idea offers suggestions for using war memorials as a study resource to investigate key ideas about faith, belief, sacrifice, loss, bereavement and remembrance.

David and Goliath: an interactive activity

Whole schoolRE, Classroom Reflection
This story needs to emphasise how David's life, as he grew older, became full of horrible battles he couldn't escape from - fighting usually makes things worse!

With God on our side? - an interactive activity for Key Stage 2

KS2RE, Classroom Reflection
When people fight, do you think God is on anybody's side? A hundred years ago, in the First World War, the British, the Germans, the Russians - and just about everyone else - thought that God was definitely on their side. But was God on anyone's side?

Does history matter?

Whole schoolRE, Collective WorshipCross-curricular links
History is often about stories, which help us to explain why things happened the way they did - it's how we make sense of things. But we need to be careful when listening to stories.