A clear sense of shared purpose and identity.

Pentecost: a response story

Whole schoolCollective Worship
Here is a simple response version of the Acts 2 narrative, which will be suitable for a whole school assembly.

Barnabas - the Encouraging Apostle

KS2RE, Classroom Reflection
11th June is St Barnabas Day. His real name was Joseph and he came from Cyprus. He was given the nickname Barnabas, which means 'son of encouragement' for good reasons.

What Christians believe about the Trinity: a classroom activity

KS2Classroom ReflectionCross-curricular links
This classroom activity explores what Christians believe about the Trinity. It's hard to picture God! We can try to show what God is like. The icon painters used all sorts of techniques to show the unshowable. Here is a starter session on one icon.

A world of hellos

Various words of welcome and ways of greeting from around the world