What Makes a Winner? Barnabas RE Day

What Makes a Winner? is a Barnabas RE Day theme from Barnabas in Schools that is suitable for Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and that explores sporting values and challenges through the eyes of Christian faith and belief.

The workshop includes aspects such as dedication, dependence, determination and discipline, and encourages pupils to engage with related Bible stories, ask searching questions and reflect on what this could all mean for them.

A great day - the children were very enthused.

Christ Church CE Primary School, London

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In more detail

Each workshop will involve a range of activities, participative drama and reflective storytelling, appropriately differentiated for age and ability. Workshops normally last between 30 and 60 minutes depending on age and will require use of a large indoor space. If requested, a whole-school assembly can be included. This workshop is available from October 2015.

For those schools who have previously booked the Who Comes First? Barnabas RE Day, this package offers new material, though some of the overall themes will be similar.

Resource book

All schools booking this Barnabas RE Day will receive free the teaching resource book What Makes a Winner? to explore the themes further in RE/PHSE lessons and collective worship.