What Price Peace? Barnabas RE Day

What Price Peace? is a Barnabas RE Day theme from Barnabas in Schools based on key events of World War I (including the Battle of the Somme) and the powerful beliefs associated with it.

Two formats

Our popular What Price Peace? Barnabas RE Day is now available in two formats. Both reveal how international events can have a powerful impact on personal lives – with many opportunities for pupil reflection.

  • What Price Peace? War breaks out marks the beginning of the war and explores the lives of those in service.
  • What Price Peace? Armistice marks the end of the war - the difficult ending and aftermath that went on to influence so much of the 20th century.

This theme offers Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils some perspectives on what happened during 1914-18, mixing contemporary stories and older insights into conflict and peacemaking from the Christian Bible.

Excellent storytelling and very active. Made children think really hard about the issues in an achievable, understandable way. Thank you.

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Watch an introduction


Watch a story from the day

In more detail

To make it accessible for a range of ages and abilities, our workshop leaders use storytelling, mime, drama and other activities to:

  • dramatise how World War I started
  • re-enact what it was like to be recruited as a soldier and go to war
  • retell the story of how the Western Front became bogged down in trench warfare
  • explain how poppies became a symbol for remembrance of 'the fallen'
  • immerse pupils in Bible stories and poetry of particular significance for the time
  • reflect on the way some Christian ideas about God changed as a consequence
  • encourage pupils to ask searching questions.

INSET session also available

The What Price Peace? INSET covers the educational opportunities and challenges of tackling the subject of World War I with pupils, and offers creative ways of doing this.


What teachers say


An outstanding, thought-provoking session, promoting and supporting reflection upon important questions and answers.

I wish someone had explained the First World War to me like this when I was younger. I might not have failed my History A Level!