What Price Peace? INSET session

The centenary of the First World War provides a great opportunity for schools to extend their spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision for pupils as they mark the anniversary of the conflict from 2014 to 2018, but how can we do this creatively?

Many of those working in schools may feel they have limited knowledge of the First World War and hence are unsure about how to explore this with pupils. The What Price Peace? INSET offers an opportunity to gain more knowledge as well as creative ways of working with pupils.

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The session looks at:

  • The background to the First World War
  • Which key events and experiences of the conflict should be covered with pupils?
  • How can this anniversary be used to teach positive Christian values?
  • What's the potential for exploring these issues in RE and collective worship?

Through the course of the INSET session, participants will look at:

  • Studying the First World War in primary school - the educational opportunities and challenges
  • Getting 'the big picture' of the First World War - key features and events of a global conflict, popular perceptions, myths and historical realities
  • Key points for primary schools - planning a practical scheme of work for your pupils
  • Values - key questions to consider, for pupils and staff
  • Religious Education - key Christian themes arising from the conflict such as beliefs about God and Jesus Christ, how Bible passages were understood and used at the time, 'belonging' in Christianity, Christian symbols, beliefs and practices, and the changing concept of sacrifice
  • Ideas for collective worship, including a classroom reflection

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