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What price peace?


The centenary of the First World War provides a great opportunity for schools to extend their spiritual, moral, social and cultural provision for pupils as they mark the anniversary of the conflict from 1914 to 1918, but how can we do this creatively?

Barnabas in Schools has developed a new programme for 2014-15 'What price peace?' which offers primary schools a range of strategies and resources for sensitively tackling this massive subject. Our theme 'What price peace?' includes:

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A Barnabas RE Day

'What price peace?' is our new creative arts-based Barnabas RE Day for 2014-15 that mixes contemporary experiences of the time with ancient insights into war and peacemaking from the Bible. To make it accessible for a range of ages and abilities, our workshop leaders use interactive storytelling, mime and drama.

All schools booking this day will receive a copy of the resource book What Price Peace? to explore the theme further.

The 'What price peace?' Barnabas RE Day can take place from the start of the autumn term 2014.

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An INSET session

The 'What price peace?' INSET covers the educational opportunities and challenges of tackling the subject of the First World War with pupils, and offers creative ways of doing this.

This INSET session will be supported both by additional resources on the Barnabas in Schools website as well as a free teaching resource book What Price Peace?

The 'What price peace?' INSET can take place from the start of the Easter term 2014.

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A resource book

What Price Peace? A cross-curricular teaching resource for primary schools exploring the First World War

Primary schools don't usually cover the First World War in History, but there are times when we should make an exception. The 1914-18 centenary will be marked nationally in a variety of ways over the next four years, notably with a football match celebrating the famous one played in No Man's Land on Christmas Day in 1914. Explaining all this to our pupils will require teachers acquainting themselves with an unfamiliar topic, and having to search for positive things to say and do regarding a chain of events usually seen as an international catastrophe. How?

Our new resource book What Price Peace? provides teachers with new stories and detailed cross-curricular lesson material on the First World War for the full primary age-range (with additional ideas for collective worship). It vividly re-enacts the popular flag-waving patriotism that marked the beginning of the conflict, the range of responses felt at home and abroad as the grim reality of warfare sank in, and an examination of some key beliefs expressed at the time about God, Christian values and our national life. Due respect is paid to 'the fallen', but questions are also asked about the conflict's long-term consequences.

This unique resource will help teachers and pupils to explore 'remembrance' in its fullest sense - drawing together a wide range of memories, thoughts and ideas, enabling the commemoration to play a full part in a school's provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

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Online support material

There is a wealth of resources and ideas to support this theme here.

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