What's Money Worth? INSET session

What's Money Worth? is a Barnabas INSET theme from Barnabas in Schools.

  • What is money, and how can I get more of it?
  • How should I spend it?
  • Why do others get more money than I do - or less?
  • Should I borrow money, or lend it or give it to others?
  • Why is stealing wrong?

Financial Education is important for all children, but answers to questions like these will depend on our (often unspoken) personal values. Numeracy lessons teach calculation, number-crunching and problem-solving, but where can we also provide that all-important space on the timetable to weigh up the morality of spending, saving or giving?

The answer? Religious Education! Although it can’t do everything, RE’s focus on values (and their impact on everyday life) is perfect for exploring and tackling the key ideas that inform our financial decision-making. We will discover that there’s much hard-headed philosophy and practical advice to be found in sacred texts and traditions. 

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Our two-hour INSET package for school staff covers:

  • Opening up the values of Financial Education in primary, first and middle school
  • Examining the hidden ‘financial values’
  • ‘Ethical’ number problems for Numeracy, to stretch thinking skills
  • Religious Education and Money: finding the broader perspective
  • Fitting it all in: making appropriate links for RE and Numeracy

Resource book

This INSET sessions includes resources, such as the accompanying resource book for teachers (Valuing Money by Chris Hudson), which contains a wealth of useful stories and classroom lessons for KS1 and KS2, with accompanying cross-curricular support materials online.

Barnabas RE Day

There is also a Barnabas RE Day on the theme What's Money Worth?