What's So Special about the Bible? INSET session

What's So Special about the Bible? is a Barnabas INSET theme from Barnabas in Schools.

Aims of the INSET session

  • To increase teachers' confidence in understanding and working with the Christian’s special book
  • To unpack the range and variety of types of literature there are in the books of the Bible
  • To gain a sense of the big story of the Bible - how it fits together and its relation to historical events and the geography of the Middle East
  • To look at the different ways the Bible is regarded as special by Christians
  • To experience ways to explore the Bible creatively in the classroom

How to book FAQs

Content of the INSET session

  • What is the Bible?
  • How Christians view the Bible
  • The Bible now comes to us in many forms
  • The Bible is both one book and many books
  • The Bible contains different kinds of literature
  • The Bible is not solely a history book
  • The Bible has many authors and many editors
  • Reflective story - Story of the story
  • How the format of the Bible has changed over time
  • From paper to digital

The What’s So Special about the Bible? INSET session lasts two hours. Schools can book this as part of an INSET day or as a twilight session.