Where in the World? INSET session

Where in the World? is a Barnabas INSET theme from Barnabas in Schools.

Where in the World? explores the worldwide dimension of the Christian faith and, more specifically, how Christian belief and practice are expressed in a variety of cultures and contexts globally.

This aspect of Christianity can often be missing from many educational materials for schools. However, its inclusion complements both the importance of the global perspective across the whole curriculum as well as reflecting the children's own increasing awareness of the world as a global village.

In many parts of the UK today, there are already expressions of worldwide Christianity within the local community. This programme will therefore also be an important contribution to social cohesion and the appreciation and valuing of diversity.

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Using key elements of Christian teaching and particular Bible stories, in the INSET session Where in the World? teachers will:

  • Encounter the Christian faith in countries outside the United Kingdom through an imaginative story about the migration of Sparkle the swallow.

  • Explore how Christians in other parts of the world express their faith through baptism, communion, worship, prayer and celebrations of special festivals, and take away practical ideas to use in the classroom.

  • Experience a range of music, stories, visuals and artefacts from the worldwide Christian Church which can be used in the classroom.

  • Learn about the growth and spread of Christianity into a worldwide faith.

  • Evaluate the possibilities and the pitfalls of making and sustaining links with schools or churches in the majority world.

  • Consider the contribution of Christians from countries outside the United Kingdom to issues of justice, inequality and peace, particularly in relation to children's rights and responsibilities.

  • Working with stories from the Bible, look at what Christians believe about the kingdom of God.

INSET sessions are usually two hours long and will be delivered by a member of the Barnabas Schools' team.

Resource book

All schools booking this INSET session will receive a copy of the resource book Where in the World? immediately after the event to explore the theme further. Please let us know if you would like to receive the book earlier to assist in your preparation for the day.

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