Who Am I? Barnabas RE Day

Who Am I? is a Barnabas RE Day theme from Barnabas in Schools.

Workshops explore issues relating to our identity as individuals, each person's unique and special gifts and how those gifts might be creatively combined in successful teamwork.

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In more detail

On this Barnabas RE Day, we enjoy the way God has made each of us different, with our own unique strengths. We explore the need to value the strengths of other people too. We enjoy Jesus’ stories about the way God values each individual person and loves him or her just as they are. We explore biblical teaching about the way we can live together with all our differences.

At KS1, a key focus is on the worth of people as individuals and within community.

At KS2, key teaching ideas are working together as a team, people having different aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses, sharing and interdependence. A key focus is the Christian community finding its identity in the body of Christ.

Curriculum links

The Barnabas RE Day will give learners the opportunity to do some or all of the following:

Learning about religion

  • Become familiar with stories in the Bible about God valuing individuals
  • Consider the meaning of symbols and stories for Christians

Learning from religion

  • Explore the sense of belonging to a community
  • Explore the difference between right and wrong
  • Develop positive attitudes towards other people
  • See diversity and difference as potentially positive
  • Express ideas through drama or dance
  • Explore times of stillness
  • Show readiness to accept and learn from diversity

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