Who Comes First? INSET session

Who Comes First? is a Barnabas INSET theme from Barnabas in Schools.

Barnabas in Schools has been leading INSET sessions and running creative arts-based Barnabas RE Days for primary schools in the UK for over ten years. The Olympic Games offer schools an opportunity both to celebrate the international dimension of sport and to explore sporting values and their relationship to personal and community development.

In addition, the Games provide us with stories of outstanding dedication and achievement that have strong links to the principal teachings of the Christian faith, and so can provide teachers with a way to explore Christianity creatively in the classroom.

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Using key elements of Christian teaching and particular Bible stories, the INSET session 'Who Comes First?' will:

  • look at the history of the Games in their New Testament context and their subsequent development.

  • unpack the links between what Christians believe and the seven official sporting values of Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality

  • explore Bible stories that relate to issues of winners and losers; the relationship between individual excellence and team spirit; the dynamic tension of competition and cooperation; as well as questions of fairness and respect.

  • sample a range of creative approaches for sharing these stories with children both in the classroom and in collective worship.

  • make relevant connections between RE and the wider curriculum, in particular PE, PHSE and Citizenship, SEAL and Values education.

  • reflect on what the Games can teach us about what Christians believe, and how it influences their choices in life.

Worksheets to accompany this book are available online.

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Barnabas RE Day

There is also a Barnabas RE Day on the theme Who Comes First?.