Why Narnia? support material

Below you will find a range of support material linked to the Why Narnia? Barnabas RE Day theme.

C.S. Lewis - the person and the books

Overview of C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia books

Exploring some key questions

  • Link and explore everyday themes with passages from the story: What is really real? How do we see the world? Who is in charge of the world? Is God really good? Does God exist at all? What happens after death? How do we know what is right and wrong? download

Exploring Narnia and Christianity - a reflective story

Cross-curricular activities using The Chronicles of Narnia

Stepping into the Narnia story - a collective worship idea

PowerPoint presentation

Scheme of work

Song to accompany Why Narnia?

Lyrics and guitar chords mp3 file

Photographs to accompany Why Narnia?

Photographs to accompany Why Narnia? are available Flickr.

Why Narnia? photos